Team fluid welcomes you to definitely the esports wiki

Team fluid welcomes you to definitely the esports wiki

Created by the esports community for the esports community. The most useful resource for real time updated results, competition overview, team & player pages, game information, and more…

Commons Wiki

The commons wiki is a wiki utilized to simply help run one other wikis

The commons wiki is the file repository for all our wikis. Pictures along with other files uploaded right here may be used across every one of the wikis. Exactly the same is true for templates uploaded here.

Alpha Wikis

Alpha wikis are wikis which can be still within the building procedure

As well as our standard wikis we have been additionally permitting individuals to produce new wikis we host and assistance type. Should you want to take up a wiki perhaps perhaps not down the page:

Just How To Add

It is easy, enjoyable, and rewarding to assist esports

Adding to the wiki is obviously pretty effortless and remember that every contribution that is more-correct-than-wrong valuable regardless of how tiny.

Whenever you visit Liquipedia, think about adding to it or fixing something, it does not need to use up a lot of your time and energy and it’s going to help other site visitors like yourself and Liquipedia in general.

Many individuals begin by fixing typos, which can be really the easiest way to add. You simply need certainly to produce an account—if there’s no necessity one already—log in, click edit, find and fix the typo, click save, and you are clearly done.

One more thing that lots of contributors start with is keeping tournament outcomes up to date although the tournament is ongoing. All of the times the pages are usually put up by one of the most experienced contributors, and you just need certainly to fill out the outcome while they happen. Filling a bracket is pretty direct. You sign in, simply click on edit, get the bracket, upgrade scores and fill out names. It was done on other pages, either by just looking at the page itself, or by clicking edit to examine how the page was created if you are unsure, just look at how. Generally speaking, evaluating just how things are done on other pages provides you with a good notion of exactly how can help you it your self.

In the event that you want to learn things that are more advanced, feel free to browse our "How to contribute" sections you can find in the menus on the left of the wiki pages if you feel comfortable with wiki editing or. You’ll find us on our Discord server where other contributors will allow you to.

Signing in and registering

To log in and edit Liquipedia a teamLiquid is needed by you account. To join up a free account, click the "create account" website link on any wiki page, keep in mind to follow along with the instructions and finish the enrollment. After you have a free account go click the sign in package into the right that is top enter your details or if perhaps logged in on any of the three web web sites pointed out simply click in the TL quick log in link.


There’s two kinds of edit links. One is really a tab at the top of the web page which enables you to modify all chapters of the web page at the same time. The second reason is regarding the far right part of most sub-headers, this enables you to definitely modify the section that is specific take. Whenever modifying a full page you will possess some tools in a toolbar above the modifying field to assist you because of the markup language that the wiki utilizes for things such as bold text, italics, headers, and links snapfuck. To understand more about the wiki markup language check out Wikipedia’s Assistance: Wiki markup.

Areas to assist down with

You will find multiple things you can do in order to help you with from the wikis. Besides fixing typos or entering outcomes you can:

  • List an interview a person did in the player’s web web page.
  • Include media that are social on a team’s or player’s web page.
  • Fill in a person’s web page with information from interviews they have done and include references.
  • Write area of the past reputation for a business, competition, player, or team and include sources.
  • Change a player’s or team’s outcome pages with present results.
  • Include the right occasions when a match begins to brackets or teams.
  • Include basic game information, either to a current article or make a brand new one for a subject that is lacking.
  • Upgrade strategy pages and produce pages for brand new strategies.
  • Generate new pages for tournaments, players, or groups (when they meet up with the liquipedia notability instructions for that game.)
  • Provide the wiki the best to show your photographs and upload them into the wiki.
  • Develop new templates to make our wikis look good and work out adding easier.
  • Utilize familiarity with PHP, JS, CSS, HTML, or graphics design to enhance on any element which you discover the wikis are with a lack of.
  • Help other contributors inside our Discord host, specially more recent people.
  • Distribute the term that everyone often helps develop Liquipedia.
  • Provide us with new tips of that which we can perform, a good paint scribble might help enhancing the wikis, if it provides us a sense of what sort of template could look.
  • Proper individuals once they contact us "LiquiDpedia" with one d too many. Liquids flow and Liquipedia that is pronouncing flows than LiquiDpedia.

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