A Rake Is A Rake .. Or Is It?

Coming in widths of 65 or 74 inches, the attachment can crush up to 6-inch diameter rocks. The high-flow unit fits 80- to 120-horsepower skid steers and compact track loader, and can create and maintain paths, trails, driveways, curbs and landscaping. mini skid steer sickle bar mower cuts up to 2 inches of material and comes with an articulating coupler system. The 5-foot Pitman-style cutter works both above ground and under water. Till the area inside your level-grade line or fill it with transplanted soil.

  • As for deciding whether you need one at all, the real benefit of a lawn leveling rake comes from being able to ensure your lawn remains level.
  • With a long handle and lightweight design, this tool is perfect to remove snow and ice from roofs.
  • While they look like landscape rakes with their large tines and wooden head, they are designed a little differently.
  • 【Easy to install】The unique design makes the lawn leveling tool could be installed within 1 minute and come to use, the disassemble and the store will also be really simple.
  • I have an established KBG lawn with some low spots that drive me crazy when I mow.
  • As these pebbles normally help with drainage, they should be left in a new garden or landscaped area under normal circumstances.
  • Ray C Just bought a new home from DR Horton in Tomball, TX and they did a very POOR job leveling the lawn.
  • Equipped with the right gardening tools yields a better experience in the garden.
  • It’s more easily handled and fits better into small places, like under shrubs , to rake up leaves and other litter.
  • When it comes to the buy versus rent debate, the equation with lawn leveling rakes is a straightforward one – buy.
  • The rakes gather rocks and debris while allowing soil to sift through.

We are trusted by millions of people for specialized products to meet their needs where they live, work and play. You can also top off the soil with a thick layer of sand or decomposed stone if it will be supporting a weight-bearing structure, such as a deck, patio, or raised flower bed. This step is simple but time-consuming, so be patient and focus on getting every part of the soil as flat and smooth as possible. Establishing a level with your string first will give you a helpful visual reference that you can check while adding or reshaping the dirt at your work site. A good level line will only run you around $2-3, and is a handy tool to have around for a variety of projects. Nylon is much stronger than other common string materials like cotton or jute, which makes it less likely to sag or break.

Faq About Types Of Rakes

Most people found a quick fix by just replacing the bolt with a sturdier version from the local hardware store. Give your gardener-in-training a head start by buying a child’s rake set like the Toysmith Big Kids Garden Tool Set. One of the most important aspects of this machine is its ability to be used on lawns and turf without damaging the existing ground cover. Although it is a really powerful machine, and it can be used on tough projects, it won’t damage lawns and grass. Use our power rake to help cut in sod, break up lumps of dirt and even grade topsoil on existing lawns.

Animals, both wild and domestic, sometimes dig holes in lawns. If the bumps are from burrowing animals, like ground hogs or moles, they will have to be removed or repelled. Lastly, ant mounds can be a cause of significant bumps. These will be readily apparent, due to the presence of ants.


Part of the yard was sloping towards the house and half of the yard was too steep to be usable. I did the majority of the work by hand which I found to be the best option for a yard this size. I was able to be a lot more precise than a machine would be. You can see I did have a tractor, but that was mainly for removing an old patio and digging the foundation for a new one.

best rake for leveling soil

In addition, the attachment has an option that enables lifting jobsite materials such sods, rolls, tools, etc. Avant’s quick-attach system uses a hydraulic attachment clip, which slides and lets the operator pull a handle instead of fighting hydraulic pressures, says the company. attach to skid steers, compact track loaders and compact wheel loaders and are designed for land clearing, ground leveling and moving materials from one area to another. The rakes gather rocks and debris while allowing soil to sift through. A weld-on D ring adds extra capabilities to these rakes, including puling brush in forestry applications, or scrap from a jobsite. The rakes are available in 72-inch , 78-inch and 84-inch-width models.

Zen Garden Rake

If necessary, you can shorten it by removing one of the segments. One of the disadvantages of using folding tools can be that the joints of the parts are located in inconvenient places. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not offer an option to replace this handle with a solid one.

best rake for leveling soil

The very large ones can be quite heavy for some people. The rake can be used to break up clods, level sports fields, and lawns, remove stones and prepare the soil for planting. If your area has long and thick grass, I recommend trimming it a little before tilling the soil. This tool is quite lightweight and may not handle long grass.

Step 8: Reapply Soil Mix

Ray C Just bought a new home from DR Horton in Tomball, TX and they did a very POOR job leveling the lawn. I had standing water in one spot, so they dug a trench all around the house. I have holes on one side that my foot sinks into it, I mow the lawn and pushing my mower I feel like I’m in a four wheeler. The best top dressing for your application should be dictated by your existing soil , and the extent of your leveling.

best rake for leveling soil

Spread the river sand over the lawn with a broom so that it fills all of the low areas and evens the surface out. Your lawn may resemble more of a beach than lawn about now. In the high areas, best rake for leveling soil you will see grass and in the lower areas, you may not see the grass at all. Fill it with water – the more you use the more it will compact the soil – and slowly roll over the bump.

If you only need a rake for clearing up leaves, a set of plastic leaf scoops might be a wiser choice. They will be lighter in weight, although you’ll find there’s a lot more bending over and crouching involved. Lawn rakes are lightweight and feature a multitude of fine teeth which makes them ideal for quickly gathering large quantities of light organic debris. This task is unsuited for their garden-­rake cousins due to the inefficiency and clogging issues of the heavy tines. Rakes seem pretty straightforward—and, realistically, they are—but despite that, they’re not all created equal. Walking into a hardware store, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the array of rake availability, and each is designed for a specific range of tasks.

Metal tines will provide the appropriate strength needed for moving rocks and other debris, and will last longer if properly cared for. Avoid the plastic or bamboo tines you often find on leaf rakes. Bow rakes tend to be shaped very differently to your average leaf rake. They feature tines—the spikes—which are perpendicular to the handle, on a straight head.

Plastic Rake

Ask about the newer low-maintenance and drought-resistant varieties. Purchase grass seed by the bag or in bulk, by the pound. Don’t apply the leftover seed—extra seed actually reduces the germination rate. Leveling Rake for Tractor – This type of rake is usually towed by a tractor or truck. They are heavy and cover a larger area compared to handled rakes. 【Easy to install】The unique design makes the lawn leveling tool could be installed within 1 minute and come to use, the disassemble and the store will also be really simple.

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Prior to fixing the problem of a bumpy yard, evaluate the seriousness of the situation. Are we talking small/moderate bumps or is the case closer to critical? Your approach in dealing with a bumpy lawn will depend on how severe the problem is.

Go around and manually remove any vegetation, rocks, large debris, or other materials you find littering the ground. In order to get the area as level as possible, it’s important to start with a patch of ground that’s totally clear. Have the necessary tools for this DIY reseeding lawn project lined up before you start—you’ll save time and frustration.

There are numerous videos on youtube of people using 2×4’s for the exact same thing. You will have to drag it instead of using it like a push/pull rake. Or attach a pole/board as a handle to be able to push/pull/spread.

A good rule of thumb is to choose one that is able to reach the bridge of your nose as it touches the floor. The goal is to ensure that you feel a sense of balance when using this particular tool. Aluminum handles are not only very light, but often come with the option to be collapsible. This means that the rake can easily be made shorter or longer, depending on the need of the user. Unfortunately, these rakes aren’t the sturdiest option available, and the aluminum can be dented or damaged if the rake is thrown or if something heavy lands on it. If you have a Zen garden in your home, then you know that you need a very small rake to move the sand around the rocks.

How to level a garden – easiest ways to fix an uneven lawn or sloped landscape – Real Homes

How to level a garden – easiest ways to fix an uneven lawn or sloped landscape.

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For larger yards, rent and use a professional dethatching machine. The stainless steel handle is big enough for you to have a good grip. Its weight of 2.5lbs makes it a little bit heavier than some other models, but you can still do the work without feeling this rake is too difficult to handle. It’s also helpful when it comes to clearing up your space of dead grass leaves, pine straw, sticks, and other obstacles you want to remove from your yard.

Here is another set of leaf scoops, attached in a scissor-like design rather than in separate components. The Gator Grabber is marketed as ‘the ultimately back-saving clean-up tool’ – and is certainly one to consider if it’s actually clearing, versus raking, that you need to do. The steel handles are telescopic, and the ‘jaws’ are made of a durable poly-fibre.

The bumps caused by burrowing animals, like groundhogs or moles, need to be removed or repelled. Therefore, as a gardener, you might require more than a single type of soil levelling rake, depending on the kind of work you intend to undertake. So selecting the ideal sort of rake for a specific task can make your life easier.

3) Mulch the leaves with a mower (i.e. chop them into small pieces so they will fall into the canopy). This is my preferred option because the nutrients and organic matter will benefit the lawn and soil. If the temperature is above 85 and the soil is dry, wet the soil about 24 hours ahead of time enough so that when you lay the sod, the soil is still slightly damp. Sod can be cut with a variety of tools, such as an old steak knife.

An important thing to note about this tool is the material from which it’s made. Metal tines are the most resilient, but plastic tines are actually more functional. Plastic does the best job with leaves, especially if they are wet. Bamboo, which is a lighter material and therefore more gentle, is best for raking flower beds.

To work up a new grade, respread the soil you ‘skimmed off’ or add topsoil from a different source. Use a shovel to spread batches of the mix over the low spots of your yard. Begin watering when you can do so without making a muddy mess in the areas to be sodded. Water each section long enough to apply ½ inch of water.

A level, even lawn, with no bumps or depressions, is very important to homeowners as it presents a surface which is much more usable to walk, play and relax upon. Numerous activities will be more enjoyable and ultimately safer, including tennis, football, croquet, or just running around for children and adults alike. Once the rake made it’s way to the West, it was used to push coals in the fireplace which helped the homeowners to achieve a better flame. However, the West too used the rake as inspiration for weaponry. Specifically, rakes were used as instruments of torture.

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